Top 3 Gelball Blaster Internal Upgrades

Lets Talk about Upgrading Your Gel Ball Blaster Gearbox

Upgrading your Gel Ball Blaster Gearbox is not only one of the best ways to better understand your blasters internals, it will also get you a better performing blaster for your next skirmish.

However certainly keep in mind that tech work isn't for everyone, and correctly upgrading your Gelball gearbox isn't something you want to consider lightly. The slightest mistake can not only cause your gearbox to malfunction, but can also break the parts you put into your gun.

1... The Motor

The first thing most players decide to upgrade their guns with is the motor. Most Blasters house the motor within the grip. Its important to understand that not all motors are going to be cross compatible with your particular blaster, as such make sure you do your due diligence to ensure you get the right one. 

The motor is a key component to upgrading any GelBall Blaster as it drives the gears which pull back the piston for your compression. Although there are a variety of motors to choose from, the Red Chi high speed motors are a great place to start and tend to be the most highly sought after.


2... Gear Sets

The next step in upgrading your gearbox is changing out your gear set. If you want more rounds per second, an enhanced gear set is the way to go. Each set is made of three different gears, the bevel gear, spur gear, and sector gear. Working together, the gears are what pull back the pistol against the spring to create the propulsion for the Gel Ball. 


3... Piston

Now that you have upgraded your motor and gear set over to metal, you're going to need to install a Metal Piston Set Upgrade. The metal teeth help protect your piston from the constant wear and tear of the gear set as the piston gets picked up by the gears. As you continue to upgrade your gearbox, you don't want to have to keep buying new pistons.


These three simple upgrades are just the start when it comes to upgrading and tuning your gearbox. One of the fun things about changing out your parts is that there is no end to the customization, as you can add internal spring upgrades, better piston heads, and cylinders. Just be careful to take your time and do plenty of research.

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  • Kung Foo Kamel

    Also, if you want a more mid to long range blaster (DMR):

    1: Full alloy piston body with 15 half width teeth and a cushioned piston head with a viton or nitrile seal
    2: One piece Cylinder body and head
    3: Double O’ring Air Nozzle
    4: 32:1 Steel Gears
    5: High Torque low speed motor
    6: M140 Spring
    7: Custom Battery Pack with 4 × 18650 20A Samsung Cells
    8: Home made or commercial Mosfet solution
    9: PTFE Coated wiring
    10: A whole lot of patience and perseverance

    Note: Check your AOE and make sure the piston doesnt fowl on the spring guide base under full travel, and I recommend fitting a solid bearing to the sector gear tappet pin to give you a smoother and longer air nozzle stroke.



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