Top 5 External Gelball Blaster Upgrades

Did your partner ever tell you that the beauty wasn’t on the outside but only comes from the inside? News flash..  they lied…

Are you looking for the top best External upgrades for your GelBall Blaster? Maybe you got your first Gel Ball Blaster, you’ve skirmished with it a few times, and figured out you like the hobby enough to invest some time and effort into upgrading it.

Any way you look at it external upgrades are a great way to customize your Gel Ball Blaster to your own personal liking.

In this post, we are going to count down the top 5 most popular and arguably the best general external upgrades you can make to your Gelball blaster to make it truly your own. 

Customize your Gel Ball Blaster and stand out from the crowd.

5... Rail Attachments

This couldn’t be an Gelball external upgrade list without mentioning the insanely large world of rail attachments. They come in an extremely wide range of choices, from mounted flashlights and lasers to fore grips, bi-pods and more! A lot of what you put on the rail systems of your Gel Blaster will for the most part be cosmetic and ergonomic but the world really is your oyster with this one.  We would suggest starting with a fore-grip to best match your style of shooting.




4... Grips

Believe it or not a proper grip is not just a great way to customize your Gel Blaster to your visual liking but also boosts ergonomics and effectively improves control!



3... Stocks

Stock upgrades are some of the easiest upgrades or mods available for Gel Ball Blasters. This is especially due to the huge range of stocks available from within the Airsoft market world wide. Not only will upgrading your stock increase the Bad-ass meter of your blaster but upgrading to a metal buffer tube and stock will increase the durability of your blaster 10 fold! it can also make sighting your targets significantly easier. Have a play and find the best stock for your style



2... Metal Parts

Now when it comes to durability we can not go past metal part upgrades. Unfortunately, for the most part Gel Blasters are not built from the factory strong enough to even withstand a 1m fall on concrete. This is where Metal parts come into play such as our MK1 Metal Receivers, Hand guards, buffer tubes and more. 

Moving to metal parts doesn't effect the way that the toys fire but will certainly improve the lifespan of your blaster 100x what if could have been.  



1... Scopes & Sights

Coming in at number one had to be Scopes & Sights.. I mean what else makes that target acquisition even easier!

With literally thousands of choices in this department, its important to remember that whatever Sight you go with is suitable to your playing style.

Jump over to our Scopes and Sights to find your perfect match.  


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