Pre-Order HK416 Metal Receiver for V2 Series TOY Gel Ball Blasters

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This is a RECEIVER ONLY Pre-Order Listing PRE-ORDER's Now OPEN    The Hawkex HT416 is perhaps one...

Pre-Order HK416 Metal Receiver for V2 Series TOY Gel Ball Blasters

This is a RECEIVER ONLY Pre-Order Listing



The Hawkex HT416 is perhaps one of the finest, most durable and most well-crafted Gelball Rifle toys in Australia. From its ultra-realistic presence to its insane metal construction, the Hawkex HT416 D gel ball blaster truly is in a class of its own.

This listing is for those who wish to just pre-order the receiver for their own builds. 


  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Upper and Lower receiver set
  • Easy to use Magazine release
  • 20mm top rail for mounting optics

Color: Black
Compatibility: For use with V2 Style gearboxes ONLY for Gel Ball Blasters
Mags: Gen8

We suggest using the War-interest Gearboxes with Gen8 m4a1 mags as this is the most simple build.

Other Gear Box types may require modification or adapters to fit and operate correctly. This item is sold knowing that modification is required for fitment.

Engravings May slightly differ from the final product. 

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Manufacturer: Hawkex Tactical (Hawkex Industries)

Package Includes :

  • Dust Cover Set
  • Receiver Pin Set
  • Mock Forward Assist Knob
  • Selector Switch
  • Charging Handle


Hawkex Tactical warning.
Due to certain state laws we are only shipping orders on this product to QLD and other states that are proven the devices are legal.
If you have information on other states laws in this regards and believe your state does, in fact, allow for the legal ownership of this product contact us and we will investigate and confirm before we can send out.

The responsibility of ensuring legal ownership does fall on the buyer where applicable. We (Hawkex Tactical) will always take due diligence where we can to ensure our sales are only to states permitting such devices. We suggest contacting your local state weapon licensing to confirm before placing an order.  



By ordering this item under a pre-order you agree to the following:

  1. You agree that: Price includes delivery
  2. The final delivered product may slightly differ cosmetically from the advertised images. (ie. engravings, shades of paint etc)
  3. You agree that: There is no confirmed arrival date at this time 
  4. You agree that: Any requested refunds will only be processed once the items arrive and/or strictly under Hawkex Tactical staff approval. 
  5. You agree that: If under any circumstances Hawkex Tactical staff believe a purchase has been made to supply illegally to a banned state, Hawkex Tactical then reserve the right to refund, cancel or deny any order

This item may require irreversible modification to your existing blaster. This item may require other items to ensure fitment. We highly recommend only experienced professionals to do the install. Hawkex Tactical takes no responsibility for the install and or fitment. 


Hk HK416 Ht416 416

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    Hawkex Tactical recommend all upgrade / repair parts are installed by a professional as additional upgrades and/or custom fitting may be required. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the part is compatible with their blaster prior to purchase. We are not responsible for any damage caused during or after installation and all items are installed at the customers discretion.
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