About Us


Offering our customers the perfect experience is our never-ending goal. To achieve our vision, we vow to become the most successful and most respected business in Australia. We have the dedication to our customers, thirst for perfection, integrity, vision, and willingness to invest back into the industry.

With strict quality control, our products are perfected just for you, not to mention we offer great value. The Hawkex team test each and every product before implementing into the Hawkex Tactical stock. As Gelballing and military enthusiasts we know what you need. A great game is made when you have the gear to suit. Check out the site, Like the Facebook page and get shopping today with Hawkex Tactical!



Hawkex Tactical is uniquely positioned to bring you some of the best retail experience in the Gelball industry. Our relationships with vendors, manufacturers and license holders allows for us to give the shopper an unparalleled experience with top quality products at some of the most competitive prices. Our Customer Service Philosophy

Hawkex Tactical's #1 priority is always our customers! we would not be where we are today if it were not for our loyal customers. We help customers from the beginning to the end. Whether it be advice before a purchase, after-sales support or help with upgrades on an existing product, we are always here to help.

Airsoft / Firearm Discloser

Airsoft in itself is still undergoing legislation changes here in Australia and more particularly QLD.
This means that many of the laws and licenses that will restrict Airsoft are still unknown to the general consumer including us. Any items we stock will be in compliance with QLD laws. We do not sell any form of Firearms including Airsoft Toys/Taggers at this time.