Chasing Custom 3d PVC patch for your business, event or team? If so, you found the right place!


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Strong build Material

PVC patches are made from Poly Vinyl Chloride. They feel like soft rubber and can be molded into any shape or size. When you choose us as your PVC patch supplier, we will create a patch that is tuff and durable.

Free 15 minute Design Proof

We’ve been in the graphic design and manufacturing industry for over a decade! Our inhouse artist will create the perfect design for you. Send us your logo for a free design proof. We will help create you the awesome 3D design you want and NEED!

Designed For You In a matter of hours!

The anatomy of a PVC patch

Custom PVC patches are designed within 48 hours using your ideas and our artist. We will create your design and send you a proof. Here are some of the steps we use when creating a custom patch.

  1. The Base Layer: The foundation for the rest of the patch, the base layer accounts for the main color as well and is optional to be the same color as the border.
  2. The Design: Here is where the layering comes in! Layers of vinyl are placed on top of the base layer to create the image, lettering or design that is specific to your needs.
  3. The Sewing Channel: A sewing channel is created around your design in order to attach velcro.
  4. Choosing The Backing: This is usually Velcro, however there is also the option for 3m sticky or nothing at all.


•QTY 20 Minimum order amount. Subjected to mold charges (see below) 

•Turnaround, on average we expect 3-3.5 weeks from payment of order (this includes a 2 stage proofing process).

•Reorders, 2-2.5 weeks & are discounted an additional 15% off as we are then able to use the same mold on going.

•Once a mold is produced changes to the design are not possible, color changes are.

•A $15 color change fee allows you to select different color variations of your patch design.

•Pricing below (shipping not included) will get you a 3 colour 3D individually bagged PVC patch with hook Velcro backing.

•We offer a further 10% discount to all Defence Force Members and Emergency Service Officers.


Patch pricing is always going to vary depending on the complexity of the patch, size, colours etc.. along with the QTY required.


The following is to be considered a guide only and is subject to case by case quotes.



Pricing for 3d PVC Patches (Updated - 5/12/2018\

Orders under 100 QTY = + 20% of total cost

100 250 500 1000+
0.5" $1.91 10% Off 20% Off 40% Off
1" $1.95 10% Off 20% Off 40% Off
1.5" $2.14 10% Off 20% Off 40% Off
2" $2.36 10% Off 20% Off 40% Off
2.5" $2.39 10% Off 20% Off 40% Off
3" $2.94 10% Off 20% Off 40% Off
3.5" $3.16 10% Off 20% Off 40% Off
4" $3.62 10% Off 20% Off 40% Off

  • You can calculate the size of your patch by adding the Length + Width and then dividing it by 2.
  • Example: 4 x 5 " patch 4" + 5" = 9" divided by 2 = 4-1/2" size for pricing. 
  • Pricing is per patch 
  • Pricing is for 3-D with up to 3 colors
  • For Velcro® (hook side) backing, add 20¢ each
  • For Velcro® (both sides) backing, add 30¢ each
  • Pricing on QTY under 100 are charged at the 100 QTY amount however subjected to mold charge in addition to the patch charges.

 Mold Setup Fee's

  1. 100 = Full Price
  2. 250 = 15% Off Mold Fee
  3. 500 = 25% Off Mold Fee
  4. 1000 = 50% Off Mold Fee
  5. 2000+ = 100% Off Mold Fee