For Gel Ball Enthusiast's following our latest release of the HT416 and the second run of the very successful MK1 metal receivers, we have decided to add a common Q&A about these products and all you’ll need to know.

This will be a live page where we will update the FAQ as we go forward. 

What magazines does the Hawkex Range of AR15 Metal blaster take?
The mags to be used with the Hawkex range will be the gen8 mags. We will also be testing out the new LDT hk416 mags once these arrive as in theory, these are the same size

What gearbox will fit?
These are designed to fit around V2 Style gearboxes such as the War interest Gearbox.

Does the Gen9 Gearbox fit Hawkex receivers?
These will fit the J9 gearbox but to do so will require some irreversible modifications to the upper receiver to fit the t-piece. We highly recommend only experienced professionals to do something like that. Hawkex Tactical takes no responsibility for the install and or fitment and more so any damage done to the receivers to attempt modifying them to fit

Can I still preorder?
You can check at any time the status of a pre-order by simply viewing the listing on our website here. If an item says they are sold out then Pre-Orders are closed.

When do the current pre-orders arrive?
Our team currently expect arrival to be Mid Year 2019 but will make it very known once we have an exact release date

Can I pay half now and the rest later?
Unfortunately not. Hawkex Tactical does not provide any form of After Pay or Lay-Buy type options as yet, the set price per product will need to be paid upon check out to secure your order.

Can you send product outside of QLD or SA?
Unfortunately, we have to be very strict on this matter as stated across our website. We truely wish we could send blaster items to all of Australia but we just can not and will not risk the sport or our business in any way, we truly appreciate the loyalty and patience while we all wait for legalisation Australia wide and look forward to shipping as soon as we have the go ahead. In the meantime, we do ask for you to read all terms and conditions upon your purchase and understand our policy and principles for the greater good for the sport.