AUSGEL 460 Long Yellow Motor

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Ausgel High Speed / Low Torque MotorSize: 460 - Long ShaftTPA (Turns per Armature): 25Torque: 3000...

AUSGEL 460 Long Yellow Motor

Ausgel High Speed / Low Torque Motor

Size: 460 - Long Shaft

TPA (Turns per Armature): 25

Torque: 3000

Magnet Type: Ferrite

RPM: 30,000

Rated for 11.1V Batteries

The AUSGEL Yellow 460 Long Motor is perfect for gel ballers who wish to run an efficient higher gear ratio setup (18:1 and above) on a Gen 9, J10 or equivalent blaster.


  • Designed for higher gear ratios - this will not efficiently run 16:1 (or below) gear ratios.
  • If you are running plastic gears, the motor pinion gear will need to be changed to plastic.

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